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Bunches of mixed AROMAS available in different weights


La Moluccella is available in summer. It is sold in stems and selected according to length and robustness:


Olive’s branches sold also with fruits on it, packaged per weight


Orange Broom

Broom is sold in bunches of 200.250.400.500 gr.

Orchidea Katleya

Katleya are available in single flower or 3-4 buds on the same stem

ORTENSIA (Hydrangea)

Cut hydrangeas, available during the summer period. are selected by size. Packaged in bundles of 10 stems, they can be sold unicolor, mixed and in autumn colors in september

Paeonie Coral Sunset

Peony Coral Sunset is maybe the much bigger . Stems are very strog and flower can be like a tennis ball when it is closed

Pea Flower

Pea Flower is packeged in bunches of 10 stems and can be Extra or first quality, In spring time you can also find  in long shoots