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Cinerea short

CINEREA SHORT is sold during the whole year in different weight 150gr/200gr/250gr/400gr/500gr

Eucaliptus Baby Blu

Eucalyptus Baby Blu is sold during all the year in different weight 150gr/200gr/250gr/400gr

Eucaliptus Cardinalis

Eucaliptus Cardinalis has a red berry with a singular shape like the cardinal’s hat. It is packed in 500g grubs

Eucaliptus Cinerea

Cinerea is available during all the year but on late spring it is normally too new and soft . We can have xxLong -normal -short and in differnt weight 150/200/250/300/400/500

Eucaliptus Domenichina

Eucalyptus Domenichina is sold during the whole year in different weight 200gr/250gr/400gr/500gr.


Eucaliptus Nicoli is available in stems long and short and in several weight


Eucalyptus Peeled Robusta type of Eucalyptus with berries with a singular shape to sell in bunches of 400 gr and 500 gr