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Cineraria Marittima packaged in 10 stems


Cutted in October , get red shades when temperature go down

Eucaliptus Baby Blu

Eucalyptus Baby Blu is sold during all the year in different weight 150gr/200gr/250gr/400gr

Eucaliptus Cinerea

Cinerea is available during all the year but on late spring it is normally too new and soft . We can have xxLong -normal -short and in differnt weight 150/200/250/300/400/500

Eucaliptus Stuartiana Autumn

Best Time for Stuartiana Autumn  is winter because becomes much brite with low temperature. Is packaged in mix bunches : Yellow red and orange and light green


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Euphorbia crown

Euphorbia crown is sold from October to January. It is available during all the year


Sold in bunches of 400/500 gr. Juniper has got berries from September to Januar